Baby Peggy, the Elephant in the Room - 2011

For the first time Diana Serra Cary speaks openly about her search for identity and the hidden secrets of her family. Prior to her 90th birthday Diana invited filmmaker Vera Iwerebor to her home in California.

“Baby Peggy, the Elephant in the Room” is an intimate portrait of one of the last survivors of the Silent Film Era, Baby Peggy. Today she is known as a successful author and historian. Every day she is reminded of her past as a child-star. More than 85 years after her last film, she still receives fan-mail, addressed to ‘Baby Peggy’. Seeing her granddaughter Stephanie growing up, makes her aware that her own childhood never existed. A photo-album with pictures of her family from 1918 until the 1940’s brings back memories.

Suddenly she becomes aware that not only her childhood was affected by her sudden fame, but even more the life of her sister Louise.



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